The Windows registry is a scary thing for those who do not know, and this lack of awareness is what prevents people from using own software repair registry. The registry is essentially a storage space for each setting on the PC, including all installed software. Over time, new programs installed, the registry may begin to act and affect computer performance.

The registry problems can cause a PC to run slow, or some software to stop working, and there could be a series of error messages. Faced with problems like these, people usually just call the technician. But pay good money for a computer store seems to be a loss for something that takes just 5 minutes to fix with a few mouse clicks.

A big plus for the use of a cleaning software is that it cleans the registry, not just the software related party or a specific parameter which is to have a few snags.

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Specific problems can be fixed using a search online to find the key needs to be modified or added, and a simple command line tool window as regedit.exe.

However, this can only be done by someone who knows how to work the register, and as mentioned above, it does not fix the entire registry.