Ordering food online can offer upto 30% discount of all orders, and the trend is increasing day by day. You can even get more thn 30% by applying different coupons available online on different cuisines. Here are some reasons why it is so popular:

Convenience for customers: The introduction of e-commerce into our daily life has changed our habits and the food industry is reaping the benefits of e-commerce. You can easily get gourmet meals delivery near you to enjoy your meal.

Nearly 69% of shoppers order groceries online using a mobile device. Application allows you to confirm orders via Facebook. Order online and save time while driving, waiting in traffic, or traveling by bus.

No confusion or disappointment: Ordering food online is easy as the line is not always crowded. That means you don't have to wait your turn, which completely eliminates disappointment. The customer determines which item he needs, eliminating the possibility of misunderstanding.

This is one of the reasons why customers who order online are happier. They don't mind paying the extra 4 percent and tipping the staff more.

Online food orders available 24/7: Although the restaurant is not open 24 hours, customers can order when it is available. Customers can still order food even though the restaurant is closed.

They can specify the time they want to pick up their goods or request delivery. When employees return to work, they can immediately see the status of work and plan their time accordingly.