Everyone has heard about the housing market crash- it in the news, in your city and in your neighborhood. But, some good can come out of it if you know what you are doing. Now it might just be the best time for you to buy your dream home.

This is why it is the right time to invest in some beautiful and eye captivating Ottawa real estate you always dreamt of and to get the best deal on it:

SOLD Stittsville

Supply and demand:

The market is flooded with real estate that has been foreclosed on, needs to be sold quickly and then home for sale where people are trying to move. Whatever the reason, you, as the buyer, have the upper hand because there is so much competition.

Bargaining Power:

Do not be afraid to ask for a lower price, add-ons such as appliances and other small features or no closing costs for you. Any and all of these may be present in this market.

Investment opportunities

Do you need a primary residence or just want to buy some investment property; this is the perfect time to shop. Real estate values have plummeted in most of the countries which means you can get home to steal.

Buyer Beware

Although you can get great deals now, be careful about what you buy. Many foreclosed homes in disrepair and will require some elbow grease on your part. Make sure you're willing to put in the effort on fixer-uppers.