I'm pleased to announce that the Facebook Messenger Bot is now living. Since it has been in beta for quite some time, I'm sure you'll find some bugs, so please do report them.

First of all, here's your new home screen, which will show you a lot of new information about the person you're talking to, and the person you're messaging. Here are some cool new features that you can expect to see when you install the Facebook Chatbot.

Here's an example of what will happen when you send a message to a Messenger Bot. When you click the 'send' button, the Messenger Bot will actually perform a search for a person on the Messenger platform, then they'll be assigned to you on the mobile device, and your chat will start.

The Google keyword-search feature will then be used to filter out information that doesn't pertain to the type of topic that you have chosen to discuss in your chat. This is actually a feature that Google uses internally, and if you want to know more about this, just check out my blog.

Once you've got everything set up correctly, you can log into Messenger and go about chatting with the Facebook chatbot. You'll be prompted to press the back button from time to time as the Facebook Chatbot and the person you're chatting with figure out how to use their respective tools.

Whenever you're ready to return to Facebook, just go to the tabs in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and go into your account's chat history. When you click into your Facebook chat history, you'll see that you've a lot of chat history you can now access.

There are several chatbots out there today. These chatbots are designed by many different companies and can be found on all platforms.

As I said earlier, this Facebook Messenger bot is designed by the same company that developed the Messenger platform. In fact, this is the only Facebook chatbot that was developed specifically for Facebook.

This means that the Messenger Bot will handle all of the Messenger experiences for you, and all you need to do is use the Messenger app and say "send". It's really great!

Online dating has never been easier, or more fun, or more private. So if you're someone who's tired of exchanging messages over SMS and don't like the idea of constantly having to talk to a bunch of people, Facebook Chatbots is for you.

It should really be fun and exciting, and user experience friendly. Here's to hoping that the Facebook Chatbot becomes even more interactive, and more useful, as it works its way into public use.