The question that I've been asked time and again is: what are the best digital marketing books out there? So, let's start by defining digital marketing.

A lot of people see online business as being about simply generating a bunch of income. But, this is absolutely not the case. More people should be investing in generating an income by becoming involved in this arena. It's all about creating a dedicated and ongoing relationship with your customers and that's exactly what we're going to cover in this eBook.

While a lot of marketers attempt to sell or build a brand without thinking about their relationships with their clients, it's the reason why you can't become successful in any kind of online business. It's really no different than having a baby and having your parents go through their day trying to support it.

I'm a big believer in that any digital marketing book that focuses on relationships will be successful. And in this particular book, this eBook will focus on establishing your digital marketing relationships.

So, the first step to creating a constant relationship with your customers is to offer a free newsletter in exchange for their email address. And this works best when you offer a free report only to a select group of subscribers.

This way you establish yourself as someone who can be trusted and your campaign needs to be able to grow from there. You can use these newsletters as a way to drive traffic and bring visitors back to your website. But as you do that, there's an ongoing relationship that's going to form with your subscribers that will be very beneficial.

So, if you've been giving away free reports, emails and newsletters, take another look at the value that you've given your readers. After all, they could be someone else's life-long customer that's just starting to find success online. By showing them that you really care about their success, you can encourage them to reach out to you and speak with you about what's going on in their lives.

What if you're a full-time mom who has a young family and you need a little extra income to supplement the income of your husband and children? Well, then why not turn your business around with a free book and a free newsletter and watch how well your online marketing campaign continues to grow.

So, what kinds of marketing campaigns would you be interested in? Well, you can do anything from a basic eBook giveaway to more advanced programs. I have a personal favorite in that I did a newsletter that was very much targeted towards moms who were really looking for a way to save money, cut down on expenses and get a little extra income.

Because of this, I got a lot of responses from individuals who said that they needed some help in their financial situation and needed to stay competitive with the rest of the world. So, it made sense to launch a series of eBooks that would provide them with everything they needed to know about how to survive and thrive in this modern age.

My digital marketing book included my journey to becoming a successful online business owner. Then there was a series of four eBooks that included product reviews, reviews of popular digital marketing products and one I wrote specifically for mothers who were in the middle of their family's first holiday.

Then there was the free report, which explained in simple terms how to make money from home and how to be successful in the shortest amount of time. All the eBooks were very useful to me and I took full advantage of each one, all the while adding them to my list of digital marketing books.