Not all Single Jockey Disc Units may be professional, but may only have the talent to mix and match the music. This does not make loud music lovers like their more famous professional cousins. They may have simple equipment but may have the activeness and enthusiasm to put life at parties.

On the other hand, the use of much simpler studio equipment can cause them to not have enough backup of the songs needed. So think that they are not professionals and are comparatively not so responsible.  

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when talking to them

1. It is important to make contact with top-rated birthday party DJ by telephone. Pay attention to their way of speaking and approach – after that describe their styles and personalities that are part of their profession.

2. Do they return your phone calls? Are they quick to do it? This again demonstrates skills in their field and their approach to work.

3. Ask them for references to people who have heard them and who can tell you better.

4. Ask about the equipment they use. Check whether he uses his own studio equipment to mix his own music or he uses music that has been mixed. This can give you an idea of that person's talent.

5. You also have to check whether they have digital music recordings or normal recordings. This will likely affect the quality of the music produced.

6. Ask the list of songs they will play that day. This must be according to the event and type of invited guest.

7. The dress they will wear. If it is a formal party, they must dress modestly. Informal parties may give them some free time. Be sure to tell the disc jockey to dress officially if it will be a formal affair.