Buying your first apartment may be the biggest investment ever made, which makes it even more important to have a plan before you go looking for an apartment. Just like any other investment, you should do your homework on how much you are willing to invest and what you expect to get in return.

Decide where you want to live? Which part of the city according to your lifestyle best? How far do you want to be from your workplace? Do you want to have nearby stores? If you want to have a community walks and then put that in your wish list.

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Decide how much you want to pay. Be sure to meet with a loan officer to prequalify for a mortgage loan. He will ask about your income and debts and tell you how much you can afford to spend. Then spend some time deciding how you want your life to look like after buying the apartment.

Do you plan to have children in the near future or if you want money to travel? A lender can tell you how much you can afford to spend today, but he does not know what you mean to do with your life in the future. If you plan to invest less in the apartment than you can afford then you'll have money left over for other things.