How To Make Your Website Responsive

    What is responsive design?

Responsive design is a web design technique that makes a website adapt to different devices and screen sizes. This means that the website can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Responsive design is important because it makes websites more accessible and helps to reduce user frustration. Take a look at this site to make your website responsive. 


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     Responsive web design tips

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a responsive website:

1. Make sure your images are sized correctly. Make sure that images that are used on the homepage and throughout the site are scaled down appropriately so they don’t take up too much space on small screens and aren’t pixelated on large screens.

2. Use media queries to change how your site looks based on device size. You can use media queries to style different elements of your site dynamically depending on the screen size of the user viewing it.

3. Use a grid system to organize your page layout. A grid system makes it easy to create layouts that look good on all devices, regardless of how wide or tall they are. You can also use grid systems to avoid using too many images in your layouts and simplify CSS coding.

     How to make your website responsive

1. Choose a responsive design template. There are many responsive design templates available online, or you can create your own using a Responsive Design Tools like AEM or Bootstrap.

2. Assess your website's layout. Do some quick measurements to see where different screen sizes are displaying content incorrectly. This can be done with a ruler or browser extensions like Screen Resolutions Detector.

3. Adjust the layout and design elements accordingly. Change the width of columns, add more images, or move elements around until everything looks correct on all devices.

4. Test the new layout on different devices. Go through all of your device's browser windows and test out the new layout in each one. If everything looks good, go ahead and make the changes permanent