All about Protecting Your Eyes

There are many methods to safeguard your eyes, as well as the eyes of your children. A few ways to take care of your eyes are pointed out below:

  • Avoid spending money on low-watt light bulbs.
  • Reduce glare with blinds, shades for windows, blinds, and shades that reflect light either matte or flat on surfaces such as walls and floors. Be sure that the light is coming from the correct position while you read. If you are holding a book on the side it should be lit from the side that is facing you, not over the shoulder.

If you are suffering from vision problems, then you can look for a vision screening test.

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  • Set the television in a location free of reflections and glare and keep it away from your baby at 5 times the width of your screen.
  • Make sure you've got appropriate glasses for the appropriate type of activity (sunglasses, night glasses, driving, and reading glasses)
  • Make sure you wear eye protection when working with chemicals, using power tools, or participating in activities that are hazardous to the eyes.
  • Pause for a break from all tasks (computer use, in particular) that require your eyes.
  • Do not let youngsters play with firecrackers, Peashooters and BB guns, darts, or other weapons. 
  • Do not allow them to play with other children with these toys. Stay away from power tools, lawnmowers, and other chemicals. Remind them not to play with sharp objects or throw them.