Truvada Lawsuits – You Have the Right to Know the Truth

Most pharmaceutical litigation is the fact that the manufacturer to warn users of possible side effects. Knowledge is power and if consumers know the true side effects of certain drugs manufacturers fear that seeks safer, equally effective alternatives.

If you are one of them who faced dangerous side effects of Truvada then you can consult best Truvada lawyers. Rarely, companies manipulate data to drive sales or patents protect. This is the case with the widely used drug Truvada.

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The links between bone, kidney damage and TAF breaks in general and specifically Truvada are well established and date back to the 2000s.

According to the lawsuit, Gilead Scientific is accused of deliberately hiding and manipulating data from clinical trials in order to delay public disclosure of information on bone fractures and kidney damage.

This knowledge is alleged to have been intentionally withheld from the public for selling purposes under Truvada. According to recent court records, Gilead learned about the possibility of bone loss and kidney damage in their medicines.

While many consumers have chosen to use Truvada yet despite the risks, the choice was not given to them. Time is running out to file a lawsuit to be fairly compensated.

If you or someone have used Truvada or any of these Preps ' other variants and have been diagnosed with suspected bone fractures or kidney disease while using these drugs, you need to act quickly. You may have a case asking for significant compensation.