Student Visa Requirements For Obtaining Education In Australia

An Australian study visa is a short visa and is valid for some particular duration. Students will have to return their home country when the validity of the student visa gets expired. Students who want to stay for a long period can apply for student visa extensions.

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Australian Student Visa Requirements are

  • Proof of acceptance from University or College
  • A valid passport as a proof of identity
  • Bank statement showing financial funds to support living expenses and tuition fees
  • Academic mark sheets, certificates, scores of entrance exams such as GRE/GMAT and TOFEL.
  • Letter of reference from the Employer

Useful tips for students applying for an Australian student visa

  • Students who will be going through any internship programs will need to apply for a work permit
  • Apart from parents if others are sponsoring studies of students then suitable documents to support relationships and suitable reason for sponsoring the student should be submitted.
  • If a student is below 18years of age then a proof of statement signed by parents/guardians needs to be submitted.
  • After the visa application is processed students will receive a formal letter regarding an interview.
  • Students also need to go through medical examination for physical and mental fitness.