How to Make a Career Out of Scuba Diving

If you want to take the first steps to become a dive professional, the minimum rating you would need is a Divemaster rating. In most cases, this should be enough to get employed at a dive center or school.

As a divemaster, your responsibilities will include counseling certified divers, helping instructors on scuba classes, assisting around the dive center with daily chores like tank assembly, equipment maintenance, and assisting with other administrative tasks.

One caveat remains. As a divemaster, it could be challenging to locate work in places containing lots of competent teachers.

Many dive facilities, although not all, will employ teachers to teach courses and lead certified divers. So the minimum score you would have to compete in this type of swimming pool is teacher evaluation.

This is particularly true in areas like Utile, Honduras and specific pieces of Thailand in which there are lots of high-qualified teachers.

There's an advantage to hiring a teacher instead of a divemaster because teachers can't just teach classes but also perform divemaster responsibilities like guiding certified divers.

The main point is that you have a lot more choices as an instructor.

In case you choose to search for scuba diving tasks, among the first things that you want to take into account is by which dive agency that you would like to opt for. The choices include PADI, SDI, SSI, and NAUI.

How to Make a Career Out of Scuba Diving

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Most, if not most, would advocate getting PADI accredited because there are a good deal more PADI-affiliated dip centers than you will find one's affiliate using its rivals.