Rickets and Scoliosis – General Bone Anomalies In Children

Rickets is one of the most frequent insufficiency diseases in children, the major clinical symptoms framework changes. The etiology of rickets is deficient in vitamin D. Whereas scoliosis is the lateral curvature of the spine normally associated with the rotary deformity. These problems normally occur in the children. If your child is facing any of the symptoms given below then you can get in touch with the scoliosis clinic in Singapore at https://hiyh.info/en_SG/home/.


Clinical symptoms:


• Delayed fontanelle closure

• deformed head

1. Flat and depressed skull to the middle

2. protruding from the frontal bone = 'Olympic forehead ".


• rachitic rosary (magnification rib costochondral junction)

groove • Harrison (horizontal depression at the bottom of the ribs).

• Pigeon chest (depression to the middle of the bottom of the sternum


• kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis

Nursing care plan

1. Encourage food vitamin D, especially enriched cow's milk.

2. Breastfed babies encourage the use of vitamin D supplements if the mother's diet is inadequate or the baby is exposed to sunlight is minimal.

3. Emphasizes the importance of exposure to the sun as a source of vitamin D.

4. In the care of children with rickets

In fact, Rickets and Scoliosis is not a deadly disease, however, they must be treated with an accuracy of as a form of bone may remain normal as tense or become difficult in relation to the child's growth.