Taking Advantage Of Scaling And Root Planing Effectiveness

Scaling and root planing is basically a deep cleansing process in the area below the gum line to resist gum disease. Your dentist may suggest this procedure if your mouth is showing early signs of gum disease.

Dentists perform scaling and root planing procedures to treat gum disease cases before they cause significant harm to oral health.

scaling and root planing

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Healthy gums fit snugly around your teeth. However, if substances such as plaque, bacteria, and tartar are allowed to accumulate under and around the gums, they can damage the tissue that supports the teeth, create pockets around the teeth, and create an environment where gum disease can develop.

Root scaling and planning are the most effective non-surgical procedures that dentists can use to treat gum disease. If the disease is detected early and the structures under the gums have not been damaged, simple professional cleaning is sufficient.

However, if the pockets between the teeth and gums become too deep, scaling and planning are required. You will see and feel a significant difference in the condition of your gums after this procedure. The treated area can be sore for almost a week.

During a follow-up visit, your dentist will examine your gums to see if they are properly cared for and assess the condition of the pockets near the roots. 

If the pockets are getting smaller and the gums pinkish color and are firmly attached to the roots of the teeth, additional treatment may not be needed.