Things You Need To Consider Before Renting A Salon Space

It's not uncommon for you to obtain the license to be a hair stylist and then end up hiring a booth to be used in the salon of someone else. Economical salon rental  offers the possibility of some autonomy while you earn more of the money you earn.

Rental salon booth

Most of the time, hair salons lease space within their salons to stylists from other salons for an annual or weekly fee to make expenses less expensive.. The majority of salons are equipped with a styling chair, counter, a space for equipment and a mirror. The stylist also has an access point to the reception desk to check the clients' in/out.

You might be able to negotiate lower rates for your weekly rent by committing to using this space for a greater amount of time. Typically, signing up for one year will mean lower rates compared to only one or two months.


Although not all salons have additional charges, some might. It's usually an all-inclusive model which means that the hair stylist only pays one cost for the week. Some salons may charge additional fees and you should review the terms of your booth rental contract prior to selecting a location.

Certain salons may charge for water, electricity, and other services. Some salons may charge you if you intend to visit their salon during Sundays, or during times that are not during regular business hours. It is possible that you will have to make a payment for referral fees to walk-in clients.

Other expenses you might have to pay for are:

  • Tax

  • Advertising

  • Supplies

  • Personal Insurance

Operating your salon lets you lease additional chairs and control your budget. Unfortunately, many hair stylists don't set up a business of their own because of the high initial cost and business management skills needed.