The Best Pregnancy Prevention Devices Out There

KB is widely used in the world today. There are many options women can choose from now because there are a lot of technological advances birth control.

One of contraception most widely used in the world today is a contraceptive IUD. This is a T-shaped device inserted into the uterus. If you want to know more about paragard birth control then you can search various online sources.

This device was first discovered in the 1970s, and is known to be somewhat vulnerable to infection, but advances in technology and the use of new materials has allowed manufacturing to turn this device into an effective method of pregnancy prevention.

Paragard IUD Device effective for pregnancy prevention for ten years

The breakthrough was made when manufacturers replaced so-called “string” (the longest part of the T) with plastic material.

It is one of the greatest advances of plastic is infection-resistant materials. It has made this device one of the devices most effective pregnancy prevention.

They usually cost anywhere between $ 200 to $ 600 dollars but worth every penny. You can buy these every obstetrician or local health care provider.

They are known to be very effective and statistics showed that if used correctly only one in a hundred women will get pregnant using this IUD contraception.

It’s important to remember that these devices are not perfect. They certainly provide excellent protection against pregnancy they do not protect you against any (STDs) other STD’s.

There are two main types of IUDs available in the market today. They are ParaGard and Mirena. ParaGard is a copper version of the device and does not contain hormones.