Why do we self-publish?

Today, more and more writers are turning to self-publishing because of the many advantages. People are in self-printing course today as publishers often do not want to give up control of their books. Publishers are interested in the word final version of the book, from the cover to the editorial look. When considering a business approach, publishers also want to demonstrate control over pricing, sales plans, marketing, and distribution of books to maximize profits. Most writers choose to control their work, both in business and in the publishing arts.

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Self-publishing is quick and easy within your budget. If you are trying to get your book published with the help of a major publisher then it is definitely a time consuming process to close the deal, you will have to spend a lot.

Apart from control issues, the author prefers to publish his own book with the advantages listed below:

  • Maintain direct control over the subscriber list.

  • To maximize the income the book generates. Authors who have deals with publishers can earn 10-15%, while self-published authors can account for up to 70% of book sales

  • For lower publishing costs.

  • Target readers, a specific small demographic.

  • Every author is interested in every aspect of their book. That's why many writers want to try their publishing and book business in the market.

  • Many authors prefer to publish their own work.

  • Self-publishing is gaining popularity as it becomes easier, and the success stories clearly support its benefits. It is important to understand the concept clearly. Invest time in all kinds of research and learn the ins and outs of self-publishing.