Restaurant Menus – How to Obtain the Best Print Rates

Even if your restaurant menu printing campaign is already successful, you may wish to cut a few corners when it comes to menu printing costs.

There are several ways that in which you can attain this, and lots of approaches you shouldn't try. This guide will help you through a few of the ways that you may produce your printing more economical in addition to highlight a few of the locations that might result in a negative influence on your marketing.

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Restaurant Menus - How to Obtain the Best Print Rates

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Full-Color Printing

You must generally never try to lower prices on flyer printing by forfeiting complete color printing in favor of grayscale layouts.

Recent studies reveal that color menus get more than 60% greater reaction prices! Cutting out the color not only hurts your overall flyer layout; but it may also produce a negative influence on your company as clients react badly to grayscale"cheap" restaurant menus.

Bulk orders

Bulk order discounts are a terrific way to save cash on your menu printing, particularly when seeking to buy restaurant menus where additional copies will be needed regularly.

Many restaurants may require menus for internal use but also for clients to take away together so they can show family and friends or pick on purchasing from you in the future.

Paper Form

Your newspaper type and brightness might impact the price of your menus. Does your menu need an extremely thick paper kind?

It can be that you can save money by choosing a lighter or plainer paper kind. Many takeout restaurant menus are printed on 60# glossy newspaper, whilst menu guide mailers are favored on 80# gloss paper.