History Of The New York Production Company

The New York Production Company, founded in 2004 by producer Jason Blum (Insidious, Paranormal Activity), is a film and television production company headquartered in New York City. 

The company has produced several critically acclaimed films and television shows, including the Emmy-nominated series Mr. Robot, which stars Rami Malek (The Day After Tomorrow, Syriana) and Christian Slater (Parenthood, 10 Things I Hate About You). You can also click here for more info about the production company.

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In October 2017, Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures announced a new partnership to create four films per year for the Blumhouse slate and other Universal Pictures movies.

The New York Production Company was founded in 2004 by producer Jason Blum (Insidious, Paranormal Activity), along with John Baldecchi and Chris Fenton. The company’s first film release was 2005’s The Lazarus Project, a science fiction thriller co-produced with Lionsgate Films. 

In 2007, the company signed an agreement with Universal Studios to produce films under the Blumhouse banner. Over the following years, the company continued to build upon its success with a number of critically acclaimed films : The Haunting in Connecticut (2009), The Last House on the Left (2009), and Sinister (2012). In 2013, Blumhouse’s debut film Paranormal Activity became a worldwide phenomenon.

 It was followed by Insidious: Chapter 2 in 2011, Sinister 2 in 2012, and Paranormal Activity 3: Lost Time in 2015. In 2016, Blumhouse released the critically acclaimed The Purge, which went on to become one of the highest-grossing thrillers in history.