What Kind Of Features You Can Expect In 1000w E-bikes

Electric bicycles or e-bikes are generally rated in watts. 1000w e-bikes come with an inbuilt powerful motor that helps to generate a torque to spin a shaft. Electric bicycles use batteries instead of petrol or diesel.

There are two most common types of hub motors used in e-bikes, brushless or brushed. The features of a 1000w e-bike make it very unique and better than traditional bicycles. E-bike is considered as the most confident, eco-friendly, and cost-effective vehicle.



Amazing features of e-bike:

  • Powerful inbuilt motor(500w, 750w, 1000w, 3000w etc)
  • 48V 11.6AH durable battery that can be charged whenever required
  • LCD display with USB port
  • A fat tire that provides enough balance and comfortable ride on the toughest terrain
  • The foldable feature that can be folded when not in use
  • Rear rack, front and rear fenders
  • Front and rear lights and extra padded seat etc

Some people feel nervous while cycling and take more caution to avoid accidents. But not now, you don't have to worry or feel nervous while cycling because fat tires are a key feature in e-bikes.

Fat tire electric bike is able to provide great comfort and enough support even on bumpy roads. A fantastic pair of wheels is sufficient to handle the balance. Additionally, to ride e-bikes you don't need a license and ideal vehicle for those areas, where space is an issue.