The Emerging Architecture In Todays Life

Architecture symbolizes the culture, history, technology traditions, and the nation's climate. In primitive times man was used to living in caves, but with the passage of time, the trends have changed. As "necessity is the mother of invention," human beings have started to make houses made of stone to protect against extreme weather conditions and also wild animals. 

New innovations and new trends are occurring and people started to make houses with bricks made of mud, they began to bake the bricks to make them much stronger to protect against other natural disasters. And with time they start building house with ‘wood architecture and design’ (also known as ‘wood arkitekter og design’ in Norway language) them with other materials as well.

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The modern architecture

Most new materials have been developed by architects and chemists, products artificially cheap. Architecture today is a mixture of structuralism, high technology, formalism,  and neo-expressionism. Professionalism and fastest-growing companies give birth to a modern architecture that is simple people-oriented less ornamental but maximum. Modern architecture is rich in inspiration. With the increasing complexity of the architecture, it is divided into different branches.

Environmental hazards have become the hottest issue that is why architects are trying to create models that are environmentally friendly. 

In short, architecture whether good or bad has a great impact on our lives. It is the symbol of the strength and progress of the nation, but the architecture must be a pleasant and attractive environment to save our planet earth and to mold his face in a beautiful way. Many trends are dying and many will come, but its sole purpose is to provide shelter for people and create a world where they can live with peace and tranquility.