How To Find Items Like A Vintage Sweater

People are often in search of clothing items like a vintage sweater to add to their wardrobe or to give to a friend that loves a specific style. While there are sometimes local resources for finding these products, these can often be hit or miss. People that like products like this may have to be more resourceful when looking for these items.

What kinds are the most popular?

Some purists feel that this clothing item had its height of popularity during the 1950s. This was a time of "twin sets" in which many women wore a cardigan style with a matching shell or sleeveless cardigan mens version that was worn under the cardigan. Many of these shells either had a more or less straight neckline similar to the Sabrina look today or a v-neck.  

These were often made in cashmere, which is one of the softest yarns ever developed. While there are a few of these examples around, many of these suffered one of two fates.

These either got washed in a machine or with hot water causing them to shrink. People failed to block them when drying and this caused them to dry in an uneven shape. There are also ones that did not get air-dried but ended up in a dryer and more or less caused them to shrink. The second problem with these sweaters is that moths love them. Many a cashmere sweater died because of being eaten by moths.

There are also other examples from later time periods. The one-button example that has decorative banding along the bottom edge and centers is another example of a popular style. This one can hide its age well as versions of it were offered from the 1960s onward.