The Pleiadians And Starseeds Awakening And Activation

The term"star seeds" has its origins in Native American beliefs that the first inhabitants of the planet were the result of genetic experiments by guests from other planetary systems. Some believe that they originate directly from their home in the Pleiades Star System, however, some believe that the Pleiadians are only one of the many star groups which have seeded the planet. 

The process of awakening and activation of these seeds has been scheduled for a certain duration and goal, relative to the development of the planet. It has been compared to an enlightenment of the highest order and a transition into greater awareness for the people of this planet and for its inhabitants. You can also browse to find more about sirian starseed.

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Pleiadian, Arcturian and Sirian Star People

Many souls have appeared repeatedly in this world Earth, however, some haven't. The universe is vast in its size and contains a myriad of galaxies, planetary systems that are home to live.

All star seeds have the same characteristics in that they aren't at home on earth. They are interested in the cosmos, aliens, and metaphysical issues, yet they feel a sense of losing their identity or feeling that they don't belong to the world.

Starseeds are incarnated here for various reasons. They are all here to serve humanity in preparation for a huge shift in consciousness due to take place in the next few days. They feel a sense of urgency regarding the future.