How to Choose the Sushi Rice

Do you feel like sushi, but are struggling to find a good sushi place in your community? You can create your own because the ingredients are not that expensive and it is very easy to do.

Materials required the creation of sushi:

The materials needed in this endeavor are nori (seaweed wraps), sushi, vegetable rice, fish sashimi, sushi mat of bamboo, soy sauce and various kinds of seasoning. You can check out the best sushi restaurant in Southfield at

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Steps for Sushi Rice:

Remember to buy the right kind of rice. The use of sushi rice is different from the standard price you can buy at your local market. To create your own sushi rice, you need to buy short-grain rice. 

Follow the cooking instructions. Short grain rice is the only type of rice that will provide the stickiness that you will need when you create your masterpiece. Flavor the rice with seasoning after you are sure it is cooked.

Place a few tablespoons. of Japanese rice vinegar in a pot with a few tablespoons of granulated sugar and two to three pinches salt and heat up. When the salt and granulated sugar completely melted into the mix, your vinegar mixture is now ready. Carefully pour the vinegar mixture into your rice.

Place the rice in the pot of rice in a wooden container or plastic, then carefully spread with a wooden spoon or spatula. The rice should be cool enough for you to safely manage and further adhesiveness.