Smelly Drains – Common Causes and What You Can Do About Them

Now we are used to a smooth sewage system so that we almost forget about repairing drains. Conversely, waterways tend to suffer from various problems. Every year, hundreds of homeowners and businesses call a water supply company to repair a water channel.

Clogged and damaged waterways throwing a number of signs and their floating odors is one of them. You can also visit to find out about the best drain cleaning companies in Dublin.

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The following are some common causes of odor channels:

1. Household Waste: There is no doubt that it is the most common cause of odor and blockage. Food waste from the kitchen and body waste from the bathroom clog the gutter quite quickly. First, the small clogs plug will get stuck in the drain and then gradually more and more waste will accumulate in the drain.

2. Construction Debris: Although almost all waterways contain some kind of debris, serious problems tend to form only when some solid debris such as building material is stuck.

3. Gas Sewage: All water channels have a water reservoir to prevent the flow of wastewater gas to the house. However, sewers that have not been used for some time may start to smell because the water reservoir in them may have dried up.

4. External Problems: While the problems mentioned above can still be solved without professional help, however, when the drains are clean and still produce a foul odor, then the problem might take deep in the sewer.