What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a term used to describe the process of driving a website to be more popular in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Consumers are significantly more likely to start contacts and buy products or services from businesses that they can find online. If your site cannot be easily found online, then your business loses a substantial business candidate.

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There are many factors regarding SEO. Your chosen keywords and search popularity for them and the competition you have with these keywords is just the beginning. Title, description, URL name, framework / HTML validity, tags and how to use it are also important factors.

Backlinks to your site and popularity are also factors. There are hundreds of factors and penalties used by search engines to spread SEO.

It is possible for anyone to learn, but to be honest, you have a business to run. SEO requires a lot of time to study, employ, and maintain.

Fortunately, many web design companies specialize in SEO, have someone on staff who do it or can refer you to someone. If your designer is not – there are many on the market.

Be careful of anyone who promises you the top position on Google or direct results. As good as that sounds, it's too good to be true.