Future of Innovation in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

There are many major problems with artificial intelligence and the future. I would like to discuss the confrontation between human innovation and artificial intelligence. The problem is already on the horizon, and although nobody really talks much, it's only because we do not pay attention to our environment and the environment of the information age.

Many will tell you that artificial intelligence will never replace humans in some areas such as these things that involve creativity – categories like; art, storytelling, creating videos, writing and innovation analytics. As much as I would like to reassure you that these notions are true, I can not tell you rationally and honestly they are. 

Image Source – Google

We are already seeing the beginnings of AI in these categories, and graffiti (writing) is the art on the wall. We have the art AI, and some of it is indistinguishable pieces made by humans, AI has passed the Turing test in this area already.

We also AI novelists and songwriting and composing software, and it is also very good. We saw the first films as AI, do not respond to human standards quite yet, but certainly to get there, and if you consider the fact that very few new genres introduced these days, most films are common storylines with only slight diversions in the genre.

The plots are fairly predictable and good Hollywood movies follow certain rules, both writing and good art. The rules can be taught to computers, software, and therefore, artificial intelligence. AI can also mix and match previously untested combinations and make real-time and at a very low cost per new unit produced.