Industrial Automation – Help your Robotic Project Succeed

Small businesses can make a huge investment in robotic equipment. Since 1961, industrial robots have been automating tasks. Unimate was the first industrial robot to work with die casting machines in a general motors factory. There has been an explosion in the integration of robots into small and medium-sized businesses over the past decade.

The growth and affordability in the used robot market are one reason. Companies are updating robots even before the current model is retired due to technological advancements in automation & control technology. The functionality of the six-axis articulated arms has not changed over the past decade.

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Automation can help you save money and reduce your production time. Automation can also improve part quality and reliability. These are just a few tips to help get you started with automation in your factory.

Involve the Shop Floor Workers

Getting to know the workers who are currently producing the part is a good place to start. They are the ones who have the experience to understand what works and what doesn't. They can often provide valuable insight that is not possible by just watching.

It will make the project more successful if you ask them to participate. Workers who perform the manual process can offer advice about the specifications and configuration of the equipment, which will help to avoid any problems with the equipment.

Select your Robot Operators and Robotic Programmers Carefully

The majority of industrial robots can be controlled using teach pendants. Many of these pendants are now programmed in a way that looks like a personal computer. A person who is computer-literate can learn how to program the robot and move it to perform the desired tasks, such as welding or material handling.

A person with a strong background in manual welding can handle the task of changing a manual welding process into a robot welding process. This person would be the ideal candidate to program or operate the robot welder. Motivated employees who are eager to learn and improve their skills should be taken into consideration when selecting robot programmers, operators, and technicians.