5 Culinary Spices You May Not Know (But Should)

Grains of Paradise

"African Pepper" Grains of paradise are native to West Africa but have made their way in European cuisine as a replacement for black pepper. They are more richly and less biting flavor than black peppercorns and used among every Indian entries in Richardson TX and other cities of different countries.

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Cardamom or green cardamom is one of the precious and most deliciously tasty spices in the world. It is common in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cooking, and also appears as far north as Finland and Sweden. The plant is native to India.


Dulse, also known as sea lettuce. It is actually a red alga that has long forms. Dulse has a salty ocean taste and can be used in place of refined table salt to improve the nutritional value of food. It contains all the necessary trace elements and even protein.

Garam masala

cinnamon,  cumin, black pepper, coriander, cardamom, cloves,

Garam Masala is a combination of spices that are well known themselves but become really special when combined. Garam masala is a spice of oriental cuisine and gives stews and meat a different flavor. Garam Masala is used in dishes of vegetables or rice to add spice and flavor. Beets and other root vegetables, sliced and spiced with garam masala provide delicious vegetarian dinner.

Herbes de Provence

Basil, thyme, marjoram, tarragon, rosemary, parsley, lavender, 

Herbes de Provence is a mixture of traditional French herb that is often used on chicken and other poultry. Most Herbes de Provence are familiar to European and American, but the addition of lavender gives them a unique twist. The flavor is fresh, mild, and good with butter.