Be Ready to Expect Some of these Things in a Party Hostel


Parties in a hostel are something spectacular and nothing unusual. There are things such as drinking, playing games, dancing, etc. involved while staying in a party hostel. Moreover, party hostels offer an opportunity to approach fellow travelers by greeting, introducing and talking to them. If you happen to book your accommodation at a party hostel, then these are some of the things you should be ready to expect.

  1. Happy Hour – happy hour is the perfect time when we enjoy drinking alcohol at a cheaper rate especially in local bars and restaurant. However, this happy hour is only for a limited time. While happy hour in hostels are on a regular basis for a longer duration. This means you get to drink at a convenient time and save more money.
  2. Meet Travelers – Due to the presence of bar, many travelers love to come and hang out with one another. Make sure that you take the opportunity not just in meeting them but also in becoming great pals.
  3. Food – Foodies will get a chance to try and eating some of the best delicacies hostels have to offer. In fact, if you like a dish, you can always ask for the recipe.
  4. Better Atmosphere – Apart from the bars of the hostel, you will also find communal or common rooms where travelers come together to hang out. This offers a better atmosphere as compared to other places outside of the hostel.

These are just a few things you are bound to experience while staying in party hostels of Indonesia.