The Guide to Home Insurance

Once you have purchased and finally own the home of your dreams, the next step in making it a good investment is to get home insurance and apply for home insurance. Many agencies provide ‘extra services for your property’ ( also known as ‘Extra Lsungen fr dein Objekt’ in the Spanish language) online.

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What is home insurance?

Home content insurance, also known as HOI (owners insurance), is a type of property insurance that covers all types of personal property and apartments. After going through several qualifications, home insurance will depend on the factors that need to be considered in determining the current owner when applying for this insurance.

HOI covers insurance for damage to the house, contents of the house, loss of its designation, or other losses, including personal belongings belonging to the owner of the house. This can include liability insurance which can cover accidents that may occur in the areas specified in the insurance policy.

What you should consider when looking for the right insurance provider:

  • Consult an independent agent for assistance to guide you through the process.
  • Know the types of insurance companies.
  • Request quotes from several insurance providers and compares their policies and insurance rates.
  • Determine your insurance coverage.

Of course, knowing the scope of your insurance policy is the only way to know what to expect from your insurance company if you face loss or damage to your property. Always check the contract with the insurance company to ensure that all necessary agreements are included in the contract.