Discover The Importance Of Helicopter Landing Lights

Helicopters have made a great impression in the aviation industry since it was invented. Many things can be done by the use of a helicopter. It has helped in many search and rescue missions, improve the attack of aerial units during warfare and transportation of cargoes and supplies. However these things will need to land in order to continue their jobs. With that said, the heliport must have a sufficient amount of helicopter landing lights.

After an operation of a job, machines will need to refuel or unload their cargoes. However, the landing zone must be fully equipped with various systems and lights to pave their way into the area. That way, the risks of getting into a crash is minimal and ensures that the pilot will have full visibility with the surrounding area of the helipads.

Flying during nighttime is never easy. Pilots will have to gain a lot of experience flying before they can reach a certain level. But the risks will become greater during touchdown especially at night. The visibility of the pilots would be poor so they have to rely on the systems and the lights as a guide to the landing zones.

For new helipad locations, individuals and companies can choose from at least two options. The two options would be no illuminations at all or have the ac illuminations that run with the cable. Each of these options will have advantages and drawbacks. It is important to consider which kind of options is better suited for the landing areas.

People who prefer to have no illuminations would be suffering especially when they are going to touchdown during nighttime. If they choose to use AC lights that have cables, then its a good option. The system has been around for some time and has been proven to be effective. But, the problem is that the installation for the systems is very time consuming.

In the recent years, a new alternative have surface in aviation industry and lighting systems. The LED lights have recently being invented and has been proven by many industries that it is very effective in various applications. They can be installed relatively easy and the maintenance as well.

The installation of LED lighting systems is very easy. There is no need to hire specialized working crews or trenching and the operation on the field is not going to be interrupted because of the installation. If the helipad is an old one, then the systems could be installed in just a few hours even without professional help.

One reason why LED is the best system is because the operation is simple. The solar lights are rugged, low maintenance and in a solid state. They originally designed to meet the standards of military requirements. A lot of companies and helipads have been using this particular technology to light up their landing zones.

Landing through the helipad is not easy to perform especially when it is being done at night. There are many things that need to be considered because the risks are too great. With the help of a lighting system, it will become much easy for the pilot to see the surface of the ground and make the touchdown perfectly.