Hiring a Home Health Care Agency – Assessment, Care Plans

Before signing a contract with a home health care agency, an assessment will be made to determine the needs of the person who requires care, since a physician's prescription for home health will not fully outline all your needs. You can look for the best home health care companies in Rhode island which offer the best elder service.

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Many companies offer this service for free. During an assessment, an agency representative from an agency will visit your loved one in the home or at the hospital. The agency representative will ask questions and look around the house if needed. 

Both interview and observation should be used to evaluate the following issues:
* Physical well-being 
* Medication use 
* Mental well-being 
* Life quality

An assessment is designed to determine what your loved one requires in terms of basic health and safety while maintaining a high quality of life.

Care Plan
The assessment serves as the foundation for a treatment plan. A care plan is a document that outlines the client's requirements and how they will be met. An agency should review a care plan on a regular basis and as needed.  
A care plan: 
* Improves consistency of care (especially important when various carers must interact with each other).
* Establishes priorities and goals for an individual's care.
* Serves as a reference point for monitoring progress.