Wooden Handrails For Your Home

Wooden handrails and other parts of the ladder can be one of the more complex projects to finish carpentry. It involves exact measurements and some knowledge of staircase parts.

Changing or adding wood handrails can add a touch of class to any home. If the original staircase does not have a handle, then this increases security by 100 percent.

Security issues aside, handrails are also a great way to showcase skills and add another dimension to any home. There is a required altitude that you can find websites that address the fence's hand to meet safety standards. If you are looking for wooden handrails, then you can also visit this site.

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Most handrails consist of a ledge (filler), handrail and newel posts. Balusters are vertical posts that normally meet footprint and provide support for the banister-which is the part that most people hold on when going down the stairs.

Newels mark areas where handrails meet the landing of the stairs. Now you have to decide what size you want to the ledge. The ledge is designed to fit into wooden banister railing for the part. It will then connect to the newel post to complete your wooden handrails.

Finally, we have a newel post. This section supports the handle but can also be decorative. Finish carpenter often carves and decorate part of the grip for maximum effect. The important thing to remember is that it connects the landing of the stairs.