Adventure Tours For The Grampians in Victoria

When you consider Australia's amazing natural attractions, among the first locations that come to mind would be Uluru (or Ayer's Rock, as it was once known) with the Great Barrier Reef.  You can also search online to plan the best Grampians day tour.

Top 5 reasons to visit the Grampians National Park - Bunyip Tours

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As stunning as they are, however, they're just two of the numerous stunning natural wonders Australia offers. Melbourne's Grampians National Park, just 162 miles away from Melbourne has more than one million people each year, yet it remains an undiscovered treasure to those who live outside of the country.

The rock climbers of all over the world have heard of the Grampians, but are disseminating the news. Many climbers who aren't from Australia have come on them nearly by chance. A lot of rock climbers travel to Australia every year for only one reason that is to climb the famous mecca for climbers, Mt. Arapiles close to Horsham One of the entrances to the Grampians. 

While sitting around the campfire during the nighttime, they listen to stories about the stunning rock formations found that are found in the Grampians. Enticed, they drive a short distance to explore them. 

When they return to Europe or the United States or elsewhere around the world, they upload their photos or videos with family and friends and gradually the Grampians have become a "can't overlook" Australian sight.