Education Programs For Commercial Farmers

Agriculture and farming have become business today and specialized knowledge in various aspects of agriculture and farming is becoming necessary. There are many features of commercial agriculture or agribusiness, as it is popularly known. 

These include various stages ranging from the production of agricultural products to their distribution. For more information regarding farming, you may browse this website.


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In the field of production, it helps to have specialized knowledge on the production and harvest of various crops, care of their livestock, various fertilizers used, and variously used for clearing the land, etc. 

In the field of processing of agricultural produce, it helps to know more about the storage system, animal science, etc. And finally, in the distribution aspect, it helps to have a deeper understanding of agronomy, logistics, and pricing mechanisms.

A piece of enhanced knowledge can help a commercial farmer to raise his crop yield or production of agricultural products and maximize overall profit. Specialization in agricultural management would be ideal for a commercial farmer as it would cover all aspects of commercial farming. 

Typical coursework can thus include the following topics:

  • Introduction to Commercial farming or Agribusiness concepts
  • Study of the pricing mechanism for farming markets
  • Understanding Animal Science and Botany
  • Production of dairy products
  • Farm Management
  • Accounting and Logistics
  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Introduction to various mechanisms to analyze Consumers, the Producers, and the Markets