Things You Should Know About Fire Suppression Systems

The principle aim fire suppression system is either put the fire or prevent it from spreading. To safeguard people and the physical structure, the system is often used in conjunction with the fire alarm and smoke or heat detectors. Most of us know about fire safety and fire-fighting equipment, but many of us are not sure about the various types of systems available to us in the marketplace. You can also navigate to this website for the installation services of the fire suppression system.

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These three common types are:

Water: This is one of the most common fire suppression and famous. You can also choose to install an automatic or manual sprinkler system in your home or office. An automatic sprinkler is usually connected to the smoke or fire detector and triggered immediately after the smoke, heat or flames picked up. On the other hand, the manual system is not connected to any alarm or detector and someone physically has to trigger the system for it to work.

Inert Gas: Oxygen is required by the fire to keep going and to spread and hence, the inert gas is very good and effective fire suppression. These gases help to cut off the oxygen supply to the fire and put the fire extinguishing it. 

Chemical Agent: The fire suppression system uses two kinds of chemical materials – dry and wet chemicals. Potassium carbonate is a wet chemical most commonly used and found in fire extinguishers. It is one of the most secure choices for fire suppression. 

The suppression system above is commonly found in residential and commercial buildings. The system is engineered and designed according to the individual machine parameters.