How To Use Feng Shui Yin Yang Health Balls?

Feng Shui Yin Yang Health Balls also known as "Baoding Balls" are beautiful health iron with sounding plates inside which produce soothing chime-like sound for health and spiritual enlightenment during exercise.

This helps in stimulating different points in the palm thereby enhancing the chi energy in the body. You can get the information regarding feng shui for health via

Uses Of Feng Shui Yin Yang Health Balls

Baoding balls are known as Chinese Exercise or Therapy.

Feng Shui Health Ball is believed to originated in Baoding, China, a small town in the Heibei province, during the ruling of the Ming Dynasty.

This is made from many kinds of materials which light to carry. It is usually hollow and chrome-plated steel with a chime within it.

These are usually handmade which represents characters related to harmony, health, and positive energy.

To use them for exercise, place two Baoding within your palm then rotate them clockwise and anticlockwise, gravity will help to keep on controlling the balls. There are many exercises possible.

One is trying to not to let the balls touch one another during manipulation. Such users of Baoding balls can frequently use more than two balls at one time. Manipulating the balls in your hand not only exercises hand muscles but forearm and shoulder muscles as well.