The Importance of Glasses Regarding Drinks


It’s time we stopped thinking of glasses as just a vessel in which our drinks are served. Each type of glass in which a particular type of alcohol is served has a meaning and science behind it. Let’s have a look at the most popular drinks types of drinks and their peculiar glasses 

Wine Glasses – The shape of the wine glass is very open. Why? It’s because for a wine to be tasty, it needs to breathe and incorporate some of the air in its surroundings. Hence the glass is designed in such a way that a lot of air touches the wine and enhances its flavour.

Beer Glasses – Beer is a drink that needs to be served chilled. The beer glasses are quite heavy and thick. This design of the glass allows the beer to retain its chill for a longer time. Glass is a substance that holds onto temperatures. Therefore, thick beer glasses keep the beer cold. Plus, the ugs having handles also keep our hands from heating the beer. 

Champagne – The bubbly drink is served in thin, long-stemmed glasses. The reason for this is the champagne has a lot of fizz in it, and while sipping the champagne, it loses the right amount of fizz while travelling upwards. This keeps the drink tasty and just the right amount of bubbly. 

Whiskey – Whiskey is a hard spirit and cannot be drunk quickly. It has to sit in the glass and has to sip. Hence the thick small glasses for it sit comfortably with losing flavour or temperature. 

Glasses are important and now, bars & pubs have even started drinking serving beer in etched beer glasses. This way, it adds another fun element to the already fun drinks.