Tips helping you to Travel with your Drone

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Courtesy – The DJI Store

Viewers always love to watch travel videos. The footage we see is shot on phones and DSLRs mainly. However, adding drone footage makes the video even more spectacular offering a different perspective to viewers. Now, this is not possible provided you use the most expensive DSLR camera. If you wish to travel with your drone, then follow these helpful tips.

  1. Make sure you follow the Law – There are countries that have introduced laws related to drones. Wherever you travel, it is your responsibility to follow the drone law. Failure to follow the drone law may land you in trouble.
  2. Make sure to Use Carry-on Luggage – For a drone, carry-on luggage is a must. In fact, carry-on luggage is practical even according to airline companies to carry inside an aircraft. Emirates airlines are one of the airline companies allowing drone pilots to bring their drones inside carry-on luggage.
  3. Make sure you Use a Quality Case – Apart from a carry-on case, you should use a quality case for your drone. The case helps the drone from getting damaged as it is a fragile product.
  4. Make sure you Fly your Drone at a Less Crowded Location – There are no doubt drones offer unique aerial images and videos. But it is important that you fly to a location where there is less crowd. The reason is, that drones are prone to accidents. During such instances, you may also hurt someone in the crowd. Due to this reason, it is advised to fly your drone at a location comprising less crowd.

In a city like Perth, drone services are offered by professional pilots who also follow these laws.