How Diabetes Affect Your Heart?

Avandia, general rosiglitazone, was approved in 1999 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat type II diabetes. It is estimated that around six million people use drugs worldwide to treat type II diabetes.

An article published in the Journal of Medicine stated that taking Avandia automatically increase the risk of heart attacks in diabetic patients. If you want to know detailed information about diabetes drug lawsuit, visit this

In response to the article, the FDA issued a public safety warning advising people using Avandia to consult their doctors about the cardiovascular risks associated with drug use.

After analyzing dozens of trials, it can be concluded that Avandia increased the risk of heart attack by 43% and heart-related deaths by 64%.

The maker of Avandia issued a news release in self-defense and illegal drugs. Challenges the data presented in the Journal of Medicine study which states that it is too soon to conclude that Avandia increases the risk of cardiovascular problems in patients with type II diabetes.

The FDA warning that Avandia drug showed “alarming trends in cardiovascular death and severe side effects” among patients taking the drug. The FDA sent a letter stating that the company’s sales representatives had decreased drug safety issues; The FDA asked to send a letter to doctors impose Avandia warning to them of the serious risks involved with the drug.

It seems that both the FDA and Avandia manufacturers have known about the potential cardiovascular risks linked with the drug for more than six years but have not warned doctors, patients, and consumers about the deadly effects of the drug.

The FDA sent a warning letter to doctors, but no further action was taken, and drugs continue to be prescribed throughout the world.

Lawyers said they had gotten calls from Avandia users and estimated future lawsuits could reach hundreds of billions of dollars. The plaintiff’s attorney will relate the warning about cardiovascular risk which is all neglected by Avandia manufactures.