Opt For Custom Damask Peel And Stick Wallpaper For Walls

We seek to offer a wide variety of wallpaper products for our customers. One of the processes we do is by providing you the chance to custom create your very own Damask Peel and Stick Wallpaper and create your wallpaper mural from scratch, which is exciting and innovative. It gives you total control over your wall décor product.

In this guide, we will be going over the main differences between traditional or regular wallpaper and a custom wallpaper mural, what type of wall you are decorating, and where to find images for your custom mural.

Differences Between Regular Wallpaper and a Custom Wallpaper Mural

Regular wallpaper and wallpaper murals serve similar functions – they add a stylish look to your walls and are available in a variety of different colors and designs. The difference between the two categories is that wallpaper is mass-produced and sold in rolls. If you like a particular design, you order it as is.

On the other hand, an advantage of buying a wallpaper mural is that these products are made-to-order. In other words, they are custom printed once an order has been put in. If you look at any of our mural product pages, you’ll see a custom sizes section where you can customize the mural’s dimensions to fit your exact wall.

What Type of Wall Shape Are You Covering

Walls come in multiple shapes and sizes, and some are more suitable for specific images than others. The general rule of thumb is to find an idea with proportions similar to your wall type. For instance, square walls are walls where the height and width are the same or very similar.

Rectangular walls are the ones we’re most familiar. These can exist as a landscape orientation, which is most common. The second type of rectangular wall is portrait-oriented.

Where To Find Images For Your Wallpaper Mural

One convenient and most accessible way to find wallpaper mural images is online, and many online sources provide stock images that you can use for your wallpaper mural.

Another source for finding wallpaper mural images is to seek out professional photographers. While this will undoubtedly incur additional costs, it will guarantee that your wallpaper mural image is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Working with a professional will also mean you’re getting the correct sized image for your custom project.

Start creating your custom wallpaper mural today!

Are you ready to start creating your custom wallpaper mural? If you have an idea of what type of image you want to find, our designers can help and work with you to find the picture-perfect for your project.

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