Cost-effective contemporary wall art ideas for your home

Empty and bare walls can make your place dull and incomplete. There are various creative ways to pop up your walls. You can use contemporary wall art  ideas for your wall; it helps to give a complete and stunning look to your home. Turn the look of your room with the DIY projects over lazy weekends and a few hours

Go Rustic

You can get this with the rough plastered if you want to add a rustic look to your home. Add the whitewashed wall to your home, which gives high aesthetic appeal and low cost. These types of wall art are sensitive to the environment and use organic materials and raw texture for an earthy look.

Colors that Pop

You can use the murals to fill the empty space in your home. However, these DIY murals breathe vivid life into the white space. To create the shapes on the wall, use black masking tape and a flat brush to color the rectangular and squares blocks with bright acrylic paint.

Get Creative

You can make your walls creative with plain paper plates, which can become the creative wall cluster display in your home. Different shapes and sizes of paper bowls and plates are colored by spray-painted in solid colors, and you can choose the color according to the décor of your home.

Are You a Collector?

If you have a hobby of collecting masks, picture postcards, stamps, and hats, display your hobby on the wall as a stunning display. Moreover, a stylish and lovely way to add to make your place more attractive is by hanging items on the wall that you already have. You can use the grass coasters and baskets for the organic theme.

Leaf Prints

Suppose you want to add nature to your home, possibly with a series of black-framed leaf prints. You can create a sense of abstract interest in your place with the composition of non-symmetry orchestrated.

Very Dotty

There are some charming and simple ways to transform the look of the nursery wall. Add the polka dots from colored craft paper and use bits of two-way tape to mount them on the wall. Besides, you can also choose the organized arrangements and scattered dots that match your décor style.

Fun with Decals

Various types of decals are available in the market, from traditional to abstract prints. They have come with an easy peel-off facility and consist of various sizes and colors. For instance, create a world map in your kid’s bedroom or wrap a decal tree around your TV set, to add fun decals to your home.

Use Your Hands

Use a stepladder for the higher part of the wall, dip it into the acrylic prints, and get handy. Keep your eyes on the spacing between the prints to avoid the messy look in your home.

Blackboard Wall Art

A chalkboard gives a stunning look to the walls of your home. If you love to get crafty with creative chalk art, put your personality on display for everyone to see.


You can offer a stunning look to your home with contemporary wall art. Some of the DIY project ideas are explained in this article.