Top 5 Colour Combinations for Home Interiors

Colour is an important part of the home interior design. It can make or break a room, it is the difference between a space looking stylish and a space that looks cheap. As you can imagine your colour choices are therefore very important. If you're going to paint your walls and/or furniture, you need to know which colour combinations work well together and which don't. In this article we will discuss some of the top 5  colour combinations for home interiors. National paint sharjah offers high performance, quality products that are ideal for any project. We help you enhance your home and make it a more beautiful place.

When choosing a colour scheme for your home interiors, it is important to choose colours that are complementary. Understanding colour theory will help you achieve an interior design that is not only beautiful but also appeals to your own style.National paint colours are easy to apply, affordable and durable as well.

When it comes to interior design, one of the biggest challenges is creating a color scheme that appeals to your individual tastes and at the same time provides a cohesive look for your space. Whether you are designing your first room or are a seasoned decorator, knowing how to get started on choosing a color scheme is key. 

Designing a home interior is not just about picking a color and sticking to it. There are many factors to consider, and the right color combination plays a major role in creating an attractive and comfortable living space. The right combination of colors can do wonders for your interior design. It can create a mood, build character and complement or contrast with your furniture. 

Here are our favorite best colour combinations for home interior design for 2021.

1. Pastel colours

People generally consider pastel colours for home interiors to be light and feminine. This is true, in a sense; pastels are generally associated with baby rooms and nurseries. But there are several good reasons why you can use pastels in any part of the house. For one thing, they add a touch of personality and individuality. You could pick out a colour palette that is composed of all pastel colours, or add a couple to complement your existing bolder colour scheme. Pastels are a great choice for small children's rooms. They provide a soothing palette and make a child's room appear larger than it is. The light, soft colouring in pastel hues will provide a relaxing ambiance and help create a room that is ideal for sleeping, playing or studying.

2.Purple and Gunmetal Grey

Purple is one of those colours that can really make a room feel alive. Combining purple with gunmetal grey creates a celestial feeling which works well in areas you need to be especially creative. Purple and gunmetal grey are a perfect colour combination for home interiors. They create a stunning design with undertones of luxury, elegance and style. Purple and gunmetal grey are the ultimate in sophisticated colour combinations for walls that will make your house a dream home.

3. Soft Pink and Turquoise

Soft pink and turquoise is a soft colour combination for those wanting to create a clear palette look. Soft Pink and Turquoise is a nice harmonious combination of pink and blue which both evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. When it comes to home decor, keep it simple. Design experts say that choosing colours with the same emotions or themes can create consistency throughout the entire home. Turquoise and pink are very complementary colours, as one of their main emotions are joy and happiness.

4. Aquarium Blue and Grape

Aquarium Blue and Grape is a matching color scheme.  Aquarium Blue is light cool tone. It's an aqua blue color with added white.  Grape is a deep shade of purple. It's almost transparent, but it has enough tint in it to avoid appearing black or gray.

Every design scheme has its own color theme, and the rule of thumb is that you should stick to a limited number of colors per room. Today we are going to look at some color combinations for the home interiors using the Aquarium Blue and Grape palette and I have tried my best to pick the top 5 combinations for you.

5.Orange with White

Orange with white is one of the most popular colour combinations for home interiors. It’s a classic combination that works well in all sorts of different rooms, from bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms. Here we take a look at what orange with white can do for your home. Orange with white is one of my favorite colour schemes, and I’ve used orange and white in so many of my own home interiors. It’s a fun colour play with no rules – they can be quite striking when paired together so use this combination to uplift your interiors.

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