How To Interview a Lawyer?


There are plenty of ways of hiring a lawyer. However, before opting for a face-to-face interview with a lawyer, one needs to ask questions over the phone before ending up spending your time and not getting the lawyer you wanted. These are some of the question you should ask the lawyer over the phone which will give you an idea about their knowledge and skills.

  1. Does the lawyer charges the client any form of consultation fees? – If yes, how much the lawyer and the duration of consultation does he or she offers is important.
  2. What mode of payment does the lawyer take? And can the fees be negotiated? –Depending on their answer, you can discuss more with the lawyer.
  3. Has the lawyer handled a case like yours? How similar was the case? – It is important to hire a lawyer who has handled a case like yours in the past. You should also ask for the outcome of it.
  4. Is the lawyer going solo or giving to his or her subordinates to handle your case? – You need to have a clear communication from the start with your lawyer for this question.
  5. Does the lawyer have enough experience? Or does the lawyer have a valid license to practice? – Make sure the lawyer has enough years of experience along with a valid license before taking over your case.
  6. Will the lawyer refer another lawyer if he or she isn’t capable of handling your case? – Another important question to ask the lawyer in case something happens.

This is how you should interview when it comes to hiring the best construction lawyers from Sydney.