Electronic Sow Feeding In Group Housing

Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) is a shift in the way we manage sows in group housing and North American markets are rapidly moving toward the housing sows in large open enclosures. Sow group housing with feeding pigs electronics designed to create a stress-free and efficient farm. 

With the  electronic feeding system, you will save feed, improve animal welfare, and increase pork production. Turning your shed with the ESF system or building these systems into the new warehouse can help you manage your pig facilities more easily.

 electronic sow feeders

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ESF benefits Feeding Station

Converting existing sites or a new build with Electronic Sow Feeding is one of the best ways to improve the management costs and increase efficiency in swine production. 

With an electronic feeding system, you can control how much feed each sow receives in group housing with feeding each pig individually. 

This automated system will enable each sow to eat in a comfortable environment inside the station itself, reducing its overall stress and improving health.

An ESF system will improve the overall health and welfare of each sow, which leads to more piglets born alive and fewer health problems. 

There are a small number of positions when sown marched to the station, but pigs can calmly enter their feed station rather than fighting in a high-stress environment. 

Also, when set up properly, the animals do not rush feeders at the start of the feeding cycle; they quickly realize that they do not have to compete for feed and  they eat on their schedule.