Creativity, Productivity and Office Designs

Contrary to popular belief, creativity does not really come from one single place. It usually comes from a piece of artwork or simply, anything – that inspires one person to create another masterpiece. While not everyone has innate artistic ability, anyone can be inspired by anything.

Creativity comes from thousands of ideas. The businesses aim to create an environment for their employees and themselves that foster creativity and productivity. You can browse via to know more about office designs.

According to a survey conducted among the 500 members of the public, almost half of respondents said that having a different space to work and de-stressing will be a major step toward increasing creativity and productivity.

Office design and the interior has been said to have a significant impact on employee productivity, creativity and overall performance. In addition, a large number of today's workforce demands for more agile workspaces and expect more variation in their respective work places instead of cramped for a table and chairs.


Investing in an office environment that will maximize workforce talent will give good results in the long term. Although it may seem expensive, it's definitely something to think about. And although redecorating the whole office space can be tedious, change can start small.

Start by having a designated space where employees can relax and unwind. It said the room can come in different sizes or space. According to the same survey with Dale Survey Office Interiors, one of five office workers agrees that having a space solely for relaxation in labor productivity increases. It also can help relieve neck or back strain and eye fatigue from staring at a computer screen.