Is a Commercial Cleaning Franchise Right For Me?

When most people think of cleaning businesses, they normally picture a maid cleaning a house. However, businesses in both retail and industrial have the need for regular cleaning and maintenance services.

Even in times of economic downturn, commercial cleaning franchises thrive. Businesses always need to present themselves well to the public and cleaning services are a big part of that. If you buy into a commercial cleaning franchise, you'll be joining a $94 billion dollar industry that has no signs of going away.

Blue- j cleaning solutions  are more than a cleaning company, as they create a change in the marketplace.

Consider the following facts when trying to decide if a commercial cleaning business is right for you:

* In the next decade, the fastest-growing occupation will be a professional cleaning specialist

* Commercial cleaning franchises account for 10% of the total market in the United States

* Over 30% of cleaning industry customers are office buildings

A commercial cleaning franchise is recession-proof and the sky's the limit when it comes to customers. With a large enough staff and the training provided by your franchise's corporate office, in a few years, you could dominate the market in your area.

There is various commercial cleaning franchise that has been in business for the past 18 years. Over the last five years, they experienced a 30% increase in gross, giving it brand-name recognition across the country. This commercial cleaning franchise offers cleaning and maintenance services to businesses of all sizes.

they have relatively low initial cash investment for a commercial cleaning franchise. As a franchise, you'll get training in running this specific type of business as well as marketing and financial assistance.