How to Set Up a Clothesline

To put up a clothesline in the home, all you need are two sturdy upright posts and ropes. You can even use two trees in your backyard to make your lines. If you do not have a tree to help you out, use something strong like a pole or wooden 4x4s. You can replace your clothes line system if you want to. 

Clothesline comes in a variety of heights, but ideally, the writing should be about six feet above the ground; however, you will have three to four feet from your post buried underground. So keep that in mind when buying a clothesline post for you.

You have to dig a hole three to four feet deep for your post. Use the 10-foot posts to ensure you will be able to bury enough of each pole on the ground while still having a sufficient height above the ground.

How to Hang Up Laundry
To make sure your clothes dry properly, here are some things to consider when hanging your clothes:

  • Wipe down the line before you hang clothes on them
  • Use thick, wooden clothes hangers in better clothes so they keep their shape
  • Jeans hanging from the bottom of the feet and flip pockets dry out faster
  • The pair of socks together when you hang them
  • Colored clothes hanging in the shade to prevent fading
  • white clothes hanging in the sun so they will dry faster