Cohiba Cigars – Your Cigar of Choice

If you wish to smoke a great cigar, and at the same time relish on its history – you may find it fine to consider having your Cohiba cigar. These Cohiba cigars are all discovered to be rich in flavor and can be quite satisfying to a java lover.

Its Composition

Cohiba cigars possess a Dominican filler, Jember binder, and a Cameroon wrapper. It is manufactured in the Dominican Republic. General Cigar Dominicana is the manufacturer of cigars that are such and is thought of as the only brand that can promote such Cohiba cigars lawfully from the United States.

Cohiba Cigars — Rich in History

When one speaks about Cohiba cigars, a renowned name in history is associated with it, Christopher Columbus. In 1496 if he had been in western Hispaniola and also the Dominican Republic now, he discovered that the native Indians there smoked leaves of tobacco –"Cohiba" as they called it.

It had been five centuries later that Cohiba cigars were developed in the Dominican Republic. Back in 1990, it was reformulated and is now continued to sell in the United States.

Its Maker

General Cigar Company makes these Cohiba cigars. Check out Its website also shows its other cigar products.

What started out for the Cullman family and a significant player in the cigar industry. The business owns about 1,100 acres of land in Connecticut for their small company. The company also includes its subsidiary company, Culbro Tobacco, which grows and procedures their tobacco leaves. They also have bought and taken to raise their operations and market reach.

The Cullman family has dedicated itself to creating quality cigar products for the many customers patronizing their cigars.

Introducing The Cohiba XV!

Cohiba XV — This follows exactly the Cohiba tradition and is an elegant choice. This cigar is Made from a Nicaraguan Ligero and Piloto Cubano Ligero Blend filler, a Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and an Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper. Cohiba XV means Extra Vigoroso — that stated you know what to expect out of this Cohiba cigar.

Cohiba Cigars — Get this satisfying smoking experience!

These cigars are actually worth it. These are regarded to have a great draw and of excellent taste. These Cohiba cigars are appropriate for almost any occasion — and many have attempted and have dropped to its taste.

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